descriptionFreeBSD 9 src for kload
ownerRussell Cattelan
last changeMon, 2 Jan 2012 20:54:34 +0000 (14:54 -0600)
2012-01-02 Russell Cattelanignore quilt meta data files kload-clean
2012-01-02 Russell Cattelanwhitespace cleanup
2012-01-02 Russell Cattelanhook kload to the reboot path.
2012-01-02 Russell CattelanUse halt to shutdown the AP's
2011-12-22 Russell CattelanClean out a bunch of commented out experiential code.
2011-12-21 Russell Cattelanadd k_modulep and k_physfree to kload structure
2011-12-21 Russell CattelanFix some bad printf formatting
2011-12-21 Russell CattelanAdd kload userspace tool to main source tree
2011-12-06 Russell CattelanRemove a bunch of debug statements.
2011-12-06 Russell CattelanMerge branch 'kload' into kload-clean
2011-12-06 Russell CattelanAdd a buildsmap callout to allow kload to construct...
2011-12-06 Russell Cattelanexport smap via a sysctl so kload can pick it up and...
2011-12-04 Russell CattelanChange the page table to be a bit more specfic.
2011-12-04 Russell CattelanMisc debug staments, remove as some point.
2011-12-04 Russell CattelanClean out old experiments
2011-12-04 Russell CattelanRevert file back to original.
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